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"Oh…" Their mother uttered in surprised understanding. How had she not foreseen this? In her defense she thought that the twins might take awhile to learn about their ability to naturally shapeshift but it seems that as easily as the babes had taken on an Aesir appearance as infants they have come into their own as merely toddlers and without the proper guidance to help them understand their ability.

"I have been so terribly remiss," Frigga fretted freeing up her hands to cup each of their cheeks.

Loki was frantically shaking his head and she knew that her daughter was asking something to her brother that she didn’t want spoken. 'Lop no! You're my sister and perfect just like me! I can do things like you can. I got scared once too. I just didn't say anything cause I was afraid that you would be afraid of me.' They had never shifted before one another before so they were revealing a big secret.

"See? See?" Loki insisted as he scrunched up his face and concentrated hard. Where a little boy used to sit with curling raven hair and jade eyes now sat a tiny black kitten that pawed at Loptr’s leg. ‘I wanted to be a kitty. Cause they are fun! And I like to purr.’ He demonstrated this by purring for her while pawing at her leg hoping she wouldn’t scream in fear though Frigga blinked in astonishment.

"I can explain," Frigga told her children. She watched as Loki crept closer to his sister wanting a cuddle but she had a feeling her son would turn back if his twin became further upset. She also didn’t want to discourage either of them from changing before her even though this was the first time she had seen them do so.

Lop giggled happily, stroking his head. ‘I want to join.’
She grinned soon shrinking and eying him with a kittens grin.
'Kitties!' She pounced upon him laughing. 'You're so much better then stupid Thor.' She licked his cheek with a purr.


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Frigga was utterly baffled by the question. She had thought that her explanation would be enough but this was a far different problem that had nothing to do with Thor’s thoughtless words. Even Loki was gazing at them both clearly confused.

"Why ever would you think you were not darling one?" Frigga asked her rubbing the back of her little hand gently with the pad of her thumb. "I just spoke about what is wrong with your brother Thor though this worries me little ones." She gently rubbed Loki’s hand as well for he was strangely silent.

"My loves you are twins. Do you remember what that means?"

"We were born t’gether," Loki offered.

Frigga smiled, “Yes my love. When two beautiful babies are born together they often look a lot alike one another though sometimes the babies may look different. Even though you both look quite a lot alike there are difference little ones. Loptr you are very much a Princess as your brother is a Prince. This is not a conversation we should be having with you both being so young but your question deserves an answer. Little Princesses and Princes have different parts that are kept covered. While you both may look remarkably alike because you are twins there are differences my babies and they are not why your older brother is frustrated.”

"N… not even partly? Mama… I saw Thowr… before…" She sniffed. 
"I… I’ve looked like that before too… when I grow jealous of the boys." She cried softly. 
"How Mama?" She looked to Loki fearful.
'Do you think me strange for it? I… just wanted to be like you and Thor… but I got scared and it all went back.'



Tom Hiddleston signed and took photos with fans waiting on the set of ‘Crimson Peak’ on April 23, 2014 [HQ]

The blue shirt returns! 
Along with that lovely coat ^w^

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Her heart ached for her twins. There was no easy way to explain what their brother had meant without hurting their feelings even further. With her precious babies held close she pressed gentle kisses to the tops of their heads.

'Yes. We are very good at telling lies, and doing things that get people in trouble. It is no fun when it is turned on us. I want to know the truth too but I want to put many bugs in Thor's bed. The crawly one's he is scared of because he made you scared.'

Frigga tried to sit them both down before her so that she could see them both properly and better seat herself while keeping hold of one of their tiny hands a piece. “Thor loves you both,” she prefaced. “It is a challenge to be a young man who wants to do things with children his own age. It does not mean that he loves either of you less.”

"Mumma is more. Lop’s right. We’re smart! Fast and great hiders. What Thow mean?" Loki insisted as he cuddled up to his sister.

"Oh my wee ones," the queen sighed heavily. "I believe your brother does not understand that your connection with your sister is special. That it is natural for you both to talk with one another without speaking. There is nothing wrong with it and your brother must come to understand this."

Lop gave a small smile at Loki’s statement of bugs in Thor’s bed, almost laughing at it as she smiled at him.
She looked wide eyed at Frigga. A frown forming on her face.
"Mama… truth… please." She wondered now more if it had to do with something they had noticed about each other. Lop had noticed how much alike she and Loki looked, almost as identical twins she had seen, but rarely, would look. But each were in fact the same sex.
But for her and Loki… how could it be.
"Mama… am I not a girl?" She looked up wide eyed. "Is… it that?"



Tom Hiddleston seen filming scenes for Crimson Peak in Toronto on April 23, 2014 [HQ]

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and oldest XD

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Even though Loki was older by a handful of minutes according to their parents he still curled right into his mothers embrace the second he was scooped up with his sister. He took her hand in his then grasped at their mothers dress as if she would make all of the bad things go away. Especially Thor! Where he had wanted to play earlier and prove that he could be around the older kids he wanted Thor to be far away now.

"Ssh my little one’s," Frigga crooned to them as she rubbed their backs. "Thor, leave us be for now but I want you to think long and hard about what you have said today then speak with me later. It would also behoove you to consider apologizing to your brother and sister." He bowed his head slumping off with his head hung low. This left the Queen with two very tearful toddlers who didn’t understand the precarious spot Thor was in.

"Oh my babies. Your brother loves you dearly but some of the games he wishes to play could put you both in danger for the others are much older and bigger than you both. He doesn’t want you to get hurt." It was a partial truth but explaining to toddlers social issues is a difficult subject.

'I don't know. But we are not different than them!' Loki cried out to his sister meeting her gaze even as he rested his head against their mothers shoulder. ‘He should not have made you sad.’

"He mad cause we play betta." Loki sniffled.

"I am sure you do," Frigga kissed the tops of their heads then tried to get her daughter to look up at her. "What is it my little princess? Can you tell me how you feel?" She brushed back some of the little girls hair from her face.

"Mama… I want to ‘now…. what did Thowr ‘ean?" She sniffled, rubbing her cheek upon Frigga’s shoulder. 
“‘lease… we’re ‘mart then you think mama.” 
'I want the truth Loki… I don't like these lies… it's only fun when you do it to others… not when they do it to us.'


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'I…I am not sure…' Loki truly didn’t know what they had done to deserve this. They had been truthful to a point and had done much worse to Thor’s friends in the past though mostly because they had been left out when all they wanted to do was play like everyone else.

Between his tear pregnant eyes and trembling lip he burst into sobs that mirrored his twins. Of course he wanted to kick Thor in the knee for being mean and for making his sister so upset but all he could do was to hold Loptr tight and share in her sorrow.

Thor felt immeasurably terrible as he watched his siblings fall apart before his eyes. He did not want to see them thusly but what was he to do? His friends didn’t want them underfoot and they were often troublesome but they were also his little brother and sister whom he loved dearly. And now he’s hurt them. Frigga watched the range of emotions flit about in Thor’s gaze before her elder son sprang forward attempting to gather his younger siblings in his arms. “I am sorry,” he repeated to them over and over as the cried in his arms. “You just don’t understand….”

Loki didn’t take too kindly to that and shoved at his brothers chest. “Mean. Vewwy mean. Go-way!” He meant to protect his sister then thought towards her, 'He doesn't want us around nor is he happy about the bond we share. It is not fair! We are smart! We know how…'

"Children please…" Frigga knelt down nearby motioning for Thor to let the twins be so that she could gather them to her. "I will try to explain to them but this does not mean that what you are doing is right son." She explained to Thor as he became crestfallen.

Lop hid herself behind Loki as Thor approached, she hated this fighting, but now she was scared to know what Thor spoke of.
She clung to Loki tightly before their mother took them up in her arms. Clinging tight to both of them. 
Loki was older, he was braver, he knew more. She quieted some as she looked at Loki.
'Why are we so different?'

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Tom Hiddleston is all Smiles wearing a Tuxedo on set of “Crimson Peak” in Toronto, Canada. Tom Hiddleston plays the role of “Sir Thomas Sharpe” in Crimson Peak and they were filming a Ballroom scene today. That’s why Tom was wearing a Black Tuxedo, with white gloves, and a white bow tie. Pictured: Tom Hiddleston —- Image by © S Fernandez/Splash News/Corbis © Corbis. All Rights Reserved - 23 Apr 2014, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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